Digital Transformation

Unleashing Next-Gen Enterprise Solutions
to Drive the Future Modern Business

Trailblazing IT Solutions Under One Roof

Our team of experts provide tailor-made services in Mulesoft, Appian, Cloud Transformation, Quality Assurance and Full Stack Development. We work closely with you to help prepare for the challenges of the digital revolution, no matter the size of your enterprise. 

Application Development & Support

We offer various services for creating, enhancing, and maintaining software applications.

Application Modernization

Using the latest tech, we upgrade legacy systems to boost efficiency, performance, and scalability.

Cloud Transformation

We help businesses migrate their IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to cloud-based platforms.

Digital Process Automation

We help customers engineer, innovate, and modernise their most strategic business processes with the full potential of automation.

Enterprise Integration

We facilitate an organisation's seamless flow of data and processes, improving operational efficiency, data accuracy, and decision-making.

Quality Engineering & Assurance

We offer the latest Automation Testing and Quality Assurance services, eliminating holdups and helping customers achieve high-quality standards.

Cloud and Data Analytics

Logical Minds specialize in harnessing the power of data to help businesses thrive.

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Years of Togetherness

Our People Make The Difference

Logical Minds was founded in 2018  bringing together passionate hearts and creative minds to redefine services and provide ingenionus solution.

Founded: 2018

HQ: UK, London

Delivery Center:

Bangalore & Chennai, India | London,UK | Texas, USA

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Solving The Challenges Of The World’s Most Complex Ecosystems

We provide applications and technology that are a solide foundation for transformation and innovation. Our cutting-edge solutions leverage intelligence-driven approaches to make your business stay competitve.

Automate mundane processes to accelerate your business.

Discover process gaps, organize workflows and maximize efficiency.

Let your business data connect the dots for your enterprise!

Make your system learn and Improve processes continuously.

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