Elevating Software Excellence through Testing as a service

Logical Minds continuous solution helps enterprises produce high quality software in Faster Time-to-Market and zero risk mitigation

Assuring Quality, Delivering Confidence

Elevate your product's quality with our comprehensive Quality Engineering & Assurance services. We meticulously test and fine-tune your software throughout its development lifecycle, ensuring a seamless user experience, optimal performance, and robust functionality. Our expert team employs industry-leading testing methodologies and automation tools to identify and rectify issues early, reducing risks and accelerating time-to-market. Trust us to deliver a flawless product that exceeds user expectations and drives your business forward.

Life cycle Journey

Requirement Analysis

In this phase, testers analyze the requirements documents to understand the software's functionalities, features, and user expectations. They identify potential test scenarios and create a testing strategy.

Test Planning

Test planning involves defining the testing scope, objectives, resources, and schedules. Testers create a detailed test plan that outlines the testing approach, testing environments, and the types of tests to be conducted.

Test Design

Testers design test cases based on the requirements. Test cases outline the steps to be followed, expected outcomes, and data inputs for each test scenario. Testers may also create test data needed for execution.

Test Environment Setup

This phase involves setting up the necessary hardware, software, and network configurations for testing. It ensures that the testing environment mimics the real-world deployment environment as closely as possible.

Test Execution

Testers execute the test cases according to the test plan. They input test data, perform the steps outlined in the test cases, and compare the actual outcomes with the expected outcomes. Bugs and defects are identified and documented.

Defect Reporting

Any discrepancies between expected and actual outcomes are documented as defects or bugs. Testers provide detailed information about the defects, including steps to reproduce, severity, and priority.

Defect Re-Testing

After developers fix reported defects, testers verify the fixes by re-testing the affected functionality. This ensures that the reported issues have been resolved properly.

Regression Testing

As new features are added or defects are fixed, testers perform regression testing to ensure that existing functionalities are not adversely affected. This helps in catching unintended side effects of changes.

Test Closure

Once testing is completed and the software meets the defined quality criteria, the testing team prepares test closure reports. These reports summarize the testing activities, outcomes, and the overall quality of the software.

Final Report

A final test report is created, highlighting the testing results, metrics, defect statistics, and recommendations for future improvements. This report is often used to make decisions about software release.

Why Software Testing ?

Identifying Bugs

User Satisfaction

Cost Efficiency

Ensuring Quality

Compliance and Standards

Risk Mitigation

What we do

Our Testing Capabilities

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Logical minds are inclined to adopt and harness the latest testing tools, automation frameworks, and technologies. This tendency can ultimately result in the development of more advanced and precise testing processes.

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Dedicated Focus

Our dedicated specialization in software testing empowers us to develop advanced expertise and conduct more comprehensive testing within those specialized domains.

Risk Mitigation

Logical Minds comprehends the significance of showcasing their capabilities. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure meticulous testing, thereby mitigating the risk of post-release issues for valued customers.

Agility and Adaptability

Logical Minds possesses a greater capacity for agility and adaptability when it comes to addressing evolving customer requirements and industry trends.

Tailored Solutions

At Logical Minds, the ability to tailor testing services according to the unique needs and specifications of individual clients is a distinctive advantage.

Compliance and Standards

Logical minds involves evaluating products or services to ensure they meet specific requirements, regulations, and industry standards. This process helps ensure safety, quality, and adherence to legal and market requirements.