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As a leading cloud data analytics provider, Logical Minds specialize in harnessing the power of data to help businesses thrive. Our innovative solutions empower you to extract valuable insights from your data, driving strategic decisions and achieving unparalleled success in the digital age.

Data Engineering Consulting Services

In today's business landscape, organizations generate vast amounts of data that hold the potential to unlock valuable insights. Our team of seasoned data engineers specializes in crafting robust data infrastructures that not only optimize your data but also prepare it to meet your specific analytics requirements.

We leverage the power of Azure Data Services and the Azure Data Platform to streamline data architecture, minimize expenses, enhance revenue, and facilitate the realization of your unique business objectives.

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Our Data Engineering Capabilities

Data Migration

Logical Minds provides expert data engineering consultants to assess your on-premises data warehouses and recommend optimal Azure solutions for a smooth migration, whether it's EDW to Data Lake or Data Lakehouse transitions.

Data Reporting and Visualization

We turns data into insightful, interactive dashboards for informed real-time decisions, crafted by expert Power BI Developers using MSBI and Power BI.

Data Integration

We eliminate data silos and promote business growth by seamlessly integrating data. We use Azure Integration Services, including Azure Data Factory, to migrate and orchestrate data for analysis and reporting, providing tailored solutions through consulting, implementation, or managed services based on your data and business needs.

• Azure Data Factory
• Azure Event grid
• Azure Logic apps
• Azure Functions
• Azure API Management

Data Platform Modernization

We create modern, flexible, and secure data architectures to meet current market needs, incorporating data management, governance, and analytics for agility and big data support.

Data Governance and Compliance

Our Azure data governance team aligns with your objectives, assesses compliance, and implements protection measures to meet your goals, offering customized consulting, implementation, or managed services.

• Azure Data Governance & Compliance
• Microsoft Purview
• Azure Data Explorer
• Delphix

Data Storage

We simplify and scale data storage with Azure, enhancing access, computing power, and innovation. Our expert Azure data engineers offer tailored solutions for your data and business through consulting, implementation, and managed services.

• Azure Data Lake
• Azure CosmosDB
• Azure Storage Service—Blobs, Files, Queues, and Tables
• Delta Lakes using Data bricks
• Azure Synapse

Our Methodology

Logical Minds offers a comprehensive solution for your entire data estate, spanning the full spectrum from data exploration and preparation to management, transformation, and serving data at scale. As a certified Microsoft Partner with a strong track record. Our extensive engagement model encompasses consulting, implementation, support, and optimization services, making us the trusted partner for managing your data needs.


  • Evaluate data integrity and provide guidance on data security best practices and policy adherence.
  • Formulate a data strategy to align with the evolving requirements of your organization.
  • Establish a framework for data governance to oversee enterprise-wide data managemen.
  • Plan and create a roadmap for the implementation of a new analytics platform.


  • Data cleansing, mapping, transformation, and reporting
  • SQL database lift and shift migration—Hybrid ETL/ELT approach with Azure Data Factory
  • Enabling integration from on-premises to the cloud through Azure Data Factory or Databricks.
  • Achieving real-time data streaming using Azure Databricks, utilizing expertise in languages like Java, Scala, Python, R, and more.

Optimization and support

  • Optimize infrastructure resources and automate data scanning for potential issues
  • Monitor data warehouse and database uptime and availability
  • Optimize the ETL process to minimize errors and load time
  • Maintain enterprise data platforms—Data Mart, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Stores, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a type of service that is aimed at helping organizations prepare and manage their data to improve analytical capabilities. Data engineers work with an organization’s data teams to build a process for collecting and maintaining data. Data discovery, maturity assessment, data platform modernization, optimization of databases & data migration, and integrating advanced analytics tools are some of the services that fall under this consulting.

If your business has datasets which needs to be align with business needs, then your data team needs data engineering consulting to build data pipelines and main data infrastructure. IT heads can choose to design solutions with data engineers that store, collect, and analyze data under data engineering consulting services.

Data engineering falls under the umbrella of data science which means the data solutions which organizations build can be used to optimize day-to-day operations. Streamlining data landscape with data engineering consulting helps businesses integrate advanced technologies to develop future-proof systems. This results in organizations gaining real-time data analytics capabilities to make better business decisions.

As organizations generate massive data on everyday basis, they require better guidance to collect their data for business analytics purposes and here is where a data consultant’s role begins. Data consultants help organizations utilize their existing data by recommending IT heads to develop algorithms to capture raw data for converting it into useable information and build efficient data pipelines.